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Lyon, France 28 June 2023


As a French leader in intelligent electronic security, the Anaveo Group prides itself on nearly 30 years of experience and relies on a network of 13 local branches. The company designs, installs, and maintains security solutions, including CCTV, access control, intrusion detection, remote surveillance and fire detection. Anaveo supports all types of businesses, from small enterprises to large corporations, with 15,000 sites installed in France since its creation. Recently reorganised into Business Units, the company’s development relies on its expertise and innovations in connected and responsible security.

A French Group with clear ambitions!

Led by its CEO, Vincent Magnon, Anaveo is pursuing both national and European development objectives through its VEOLUTION project, which aims to enhance the value of its solutions and target specialised sectors within its markets. VEOLUTION relies on three key pillars: A reorganisation into Business Units (with 13 branches in France), the establishment of a dedicated innovation platform called INNOVEO, and a solid commitment to the professional development of its employees by providing them with certified training programs through METAVEO.

Despite facing a competitive market, the Group maintains a 96% customer retention rate. Anaveo’s success is driven by its vertical industry solutions, resulting in robust performance, with a 2022 revenue of €83.2 million and a growth rate of 8%.  The company’s development is evident across all its target segments, including a remarkable 55% growth in the mobility market, 49% in transportation and logistics, and 16% in hospitality.

ANAVEO VincentMagnon HDV1

“This outcome is a testament to the dedication of our teams and aligns with the goals of the VEOLUTION project. We are the leading French provider of intelligent and responsible electronic security. Today, our vision is to reach a revenue of €200 million by 2027 while simultaneously pursuing international expansion. We will leverage our core strengths of innovation, ethics, human values, and audacity,” explains Vincent Magnon, Chairman of the Anaveo Group.



Anaveo invests in its people, innovation, and expertise to ensure success.

In recent months, the company carried out a nationwide reorganisation, establishing 13 Business Units that combine local presence, expertise and know-how, and a proactive approach to enhance customer service. A dedicated team of 600 experts in intelligent electronic security now accompanies clients daily.

Anaveo also strongly focuses on its innovation policy with its platform, INNOVEO. This platform harnesses the latest technologies and offers a diverse range of applications, providing clients with new functionalities and services. With a total of 20 « smart apps, » these intelligent applications analyse data to enhance security, optimise processes, and create a peaceful environment for all users.

To achieve its development objectives, the Anaveo Group plans to hire 300 people over the next three years by rolling out a strong employer brand that promotes gender equality (with 40% women in the company), a highly dynamic internal training policy, and a seamless on-boarding process for new talents, including 95 recruits in 2022.

Frédéric Favre, Head of Sales at Anaveo Group, explains what sets the company apart. 

Anaveo FredericFavre HDV1

2022 was an extraordinary year, fuelled by the unwavering dedication of our teams! With the recent reorganisation into regional Business Units, Anaveo has efficiently and swiftly responded to customer demands with a proactive and localised approach. The outcome? An exceptional customer retention rate of over 96% and significant progress in strategic sectors.”



As an employer, supplier, and partner, the Anaveo Group makes firm commitments as part of its CSR policy and has recently become a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact.